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Home Ventilators


Medical Plus Supplies offers a complete in-home ventilation program to provide top-quality clinical support for adult and pediatric patients in a variety of conditions. Medical Plus Supplies only provides their patients with state-of-the-art technology and advanced on-going management. 


  • Medical Plus Supplies Respiratory Therapist will perform a home inspection for placement of the equipment prior to the patient going home.  It must be determined that all of the electrical and structural requirements are met and that the support systems are in place.


  • Extensive training by highly skilled Respiratory Therapist prior to discharge from hospital.


  • Fluent bilingual respiratory therapist available


  • Respiratory Therapist will confirm that caregiver demonstrates adequate knowledge on equipment and care for patient prior to discharge


  • Continuous education after discharge for family members and caregivers to provide care in the home.


  • Positive pressure support to improve patient comfort and aide in the weaning process.  


  • Lightweight, compact ventilator with improved battery life to aid  travel and enhance quality of life


  • Continuous back-up and portable systems for all respiratory equipment


  • Sufficient and timely delivery of monthly supplies


  • Compliance monitoring by experienced Respiratory Therapist


  • A triad relationship for superior care and coordination with nursing service, physician and Medical Plus Supplies


  • Experienced extensively trained Respiratory Therapist available 24 hours a day


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