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Rehabilitation Therapy


Medical Plus Supplies offers a full range of rehabilitation services and have the appropriate knowledge and experience in such areas as gross musculoskeletal anatomy, normal and abnormal neurodevelopment, neuromuscular abnormalities, disabling conditions and disease processes, and complications from long term disabilities.


Our rehabilitation services address the following concerns:


  • Experienced team of Assistive Technology Professionals (ATPs) and techniciansAddress all the patient’s medical concerns

  • Maximize and increase function and independence

  • Assures patient safety and comfort

  • Minimize hospital stays

  • Prevention of secondary deformities and other related complications

  • Working with the referring physician, therapists, payer, and patient to reduce healthcare costs


Support services for our rehabilitation and wheelchair patients include:


Medical Plus Supplies provides services from a basic lightweight wheelchairs to a tilt-in-space power wheelchair with a head controlled drive system and a complex seating system.


  • Services represent all age groups, from the pediatric through geriatric

  • Diagnoses and disabilities that we encounter and specialize in are the following:

    • Cerebral Palsy

    • Muscular Dystrophy

    • Spinal Cord Injury

    • Spina Bifida

    • Multiple Sclerosis

    • Stroke (CVA)

    • And many other physical and mobility impairments


  • Evaluation and Selection: Working with a team of specialists from Medical Plus Supplies, the Assistive Technology Professionals (ATPs) and rehabilitation technician work with the referring physician, therapists and patient to conduct a detailed evaluation to determine the seating and mobility needs. Specific and detailed measurements are taken. Short and long-term factors are considered. Various equipment and service options are reviewed and ruled out. Equipment trials and simulations are introduced. The model, construction, and components are chosen and special requirements are noted with their functional goals. Accessibility assessments are then performed to guarantee that the patient will be accessible to their home, office, school, or any location.


  • Equipment Fabrication/Assembly: In many cases, a wheelchair will have components from multiple manufactures, allowing for true customization to the patient. Medical Plus Supplies will assemble the wheelchair to the patient’s needs and work with the necessary manufacturers to assemble the patient’s customized chair.


  • Delivery and Fitting: All wheelchair deliveries will be done by certified wheelchair specialists or the Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) that made the initial assessment. All required installation and assembly will be complete. Wheelchair will be fitted to the patient and will assure safety, comfort, and maximize activities of daily living. The patient will confirm that all services have met their satisfaction and all manufacturer guidelines will be explained. The Assistive Technology Professionals (ATPs) or specialist will give the patient the training and instruction on how to operate their equipment correctly and safely.


  • Repair and Maintenance: All equipment is maintained and repaired by trained technicians in accordance with manufacturer guidelines. Items can either be repaired at our company service site or we can service the wheelchair at the patient’s home. Medical Plus Supplies will give the patient all of the manufacturer warranty information and operational manuals to ensure the patient is well aware of their equipment functions. Medical Plus Supplies has an extensive stock of wheelchair parts that allows us to have the proper tools and equipment to service the chairs when they need urgent repair.


Additional Rehabilitation products and services:


  • Car Seats

  • Activity Chairs

  • Specialize bath chairs and commodes

  • Standing frames

  • Specialized walkers and gait trainers

  • Pediatric Cribs


Medical Plus Supplies offers a complete line of rehabilitation products and services. To refer a patient for a home evaluation fax your referral to 866-867-7395 or call our Rehab Department at 1-800-298-3948 option 4.

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