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Medical Plus Supplies is here to assist you in finding solutions for home medical equipment and supplies. MPS has been providing the most technologically advanced solutions to your home healthcare needs since 1991.


Full range of respiratory services, from the simplest nebulizer to the most complex high-tech ventilation.

Complete in-home ventilation program to provide top-quality clinical support for adult and pediatric patients.

We provide enteral pumps and nutrition on a monthly basis as part of a patient’s enteral therapy.

We carry a wide array of incontinence products catered to your needs and lifestyle

Full range of rehabilitation services and have the appropriate knowledge and experience.

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Enhance your qualify of life by providing you with prescribed devices that will improve your sleep.

When it comes to providing for special needs children we go above and beyond your expectations for home care!

We count with and extensive inventory of urological products for men, women and pediatrics.

We provide the best possible testing supplies to keep your blood glucose in control.

We offer a wide range of high quality home medical equipment.

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