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Urological Services


Medical Plus Supplies stocks an extensive inventory of urological catheters for men, women and pediatrics. We also supply leg bags, drainage bags, and other related urological supplies. Our inventory is comprised of products from top-tier national companies such as Rusch, Medline, Kendall, Coloplast, Urocare, Rochester Medical, Hollister-Apogee, MTG, and BARD. We are confident that with the given opportunity, we can meet all of your urological needs. As always, any one of our highly trained representatives will gladly work with you and your insurance company to set you up with our services.


Urological problems can affect men, women, and children of all ages. They can involve problems with the bladder, kidneys, urinary tract, prostate, penis, testes, or the urethra. Urological conditions can be the result of an underlying medical conditions such as bladder, kidney, prostate, or testicular cancers and diseases such as Stone’s or Peyronie’s.


Catheterization (urinary) is the insertion of a catheter through the urethra into the urinary bladder for the withdrawal of urine. There are different types of catheters that may be used, and this is to be determined by your physician.


  • Straight catheters are used for intermittent withdrawals. Intermittent catheterization is considered short-term usage may be used for the following reasons:

    • Obtaining a sterile urine sample for diagnostic evaluation

    • To empty bladder contents when the individual cannot urinate due to urinary retention or bladder obstruction

    • Measuring residual urine after urinating

    • Instilling contrast dye into the bladder for diagnostic studies

    • Emptying the bladder for increased pelvic cavity during labor and delivery, pelvic or abdominal surgery


  • Indwelling (Foley) catheters are inserted and retained in the bladder for continuous drainage of urine into a closed system.

    • Provided for patients who are terminally ill or severely impaired and cannot physically function to go to the restroom

    • Maintains a continuous flow of urine for patients with chronic neurological disorders that causes paralysis of loss of sensation in the perineal area.


Urological products:


  • Coude tip intermittent catheters

  • Closed system catheters

  • Foley catheters o Foley Kits and Trays

  • Irrigation kits and syringes

  • External catheters (latex and non-latex)

  • Belly bags

  • Leg bags

  • Drainage bags

  • Lubricant and other accessories

  • Gloves

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